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The Club's Billiards Room is reminiscent of the old colonial culture, with its exquisitely maintained Billiards table, antique teak wood cue racks and a working fire place with its chimney base.

Over the years this room hasproduced numerous state champions such as Sinhas of Banaili, Mr. P. C. Saraf and late Dr. S. L. Bishnoi. Late Kumar Taranand Sinha and his son Shantanand (Mohan) Sinha, who between them reamined President of the Billiards & Snooker Federation of India for sixteen continuos years, were regulars patrons of the Billiads room.

The club had unique privilege of having World Champions Michael Ferreira and Monoj Kothari and National Champion Arvind Savur play on its Billiards table.

In its endeavour to promote excellence, the club has conducted and continues to organize State and District level Billiards and Snooker tournaments. Young stars are encouraged to play so that the game of Billiards and Snooker remains even popular.